Briant Home Repairs Canterbury Kent

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Briant Home Repairs

Briant Home Repairs


Winter is here so it’s time to get the property maintenance tools out again and do some local work around Canterbury Kent.

Winter checks

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Plumbing repairs

1. Reseat dripping taps
2. Repair leaking pipes
3. Toilet repairs

Electrical repairs
1. Light switches
2. Sockets
3. Ceiling roses

Hang internal doors
1. All internal doors
2. Kitchen cupboard doors

Plastering repairs
1. Walls and ceilings

1. All external wooden decking

Sash cord windows maintenance
1. Replace pulleys and cords
2. Burn off old paint
3. Replace broken glass
4. Paint to a gloss finish

Do You Recycle

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So there you go, there is money in junk, rubbish or however you want put it

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Get paid to Recycle Waste

20% off Jungle Gym Towers with Slides

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Jungle Gym

This offer has ended

20% off all Jungle Gym Towers with Slide

This Offer Ends on Monday 12th September subject to stock availability


Jungle Palace inc Timber+Slide £929.00 Sale Price £743.20
Jungle Barn Inc Timber + Slide £999.00 Sale Price £799.20
Jungle Farm inc Timber+Slide £999.00 Sale Price £799.20
Jungle Mansion inc Timber+Slide £959.00 Sale Price £767.20
Jungle Fort inc Timber+Slide £829.00 Sale Price £663.20
Jungle Chalet inc Timber+Slide £770.00 Sale Price £616.00
Jungle Villa inc Timber+Slide £770.00 Sale Price £616.00
Jungle Lodge inc Timber+Slide £675.00 Sale Price £540.00
Jungle Cabin inc Timber+Slide £675.00 Sale Price £540.00
Jungle Cubby inc Timber+Slide £749.00 Sale Price £599.20
Jungle Hut inc Timber+Slide £640.00 Sale Price £512.00

Other items on sale, please email us with your enquiry

Email – for a special Paypal payment link where you can use your Paypal account or pay via a credit card

RusticWoodland RusticPlayland

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I am slowly transferring products from Rustic Woodland and Rustic Playland to this site.

Apart from the play ground equipment all products can be purchased through Paypal or via a Bac’s payment

The climbing frames can be viewed via a catalogue link and the prices can be download.

Please deduct 10% from the retail prices and call me 01227 832910/07976315984 if you have any questions.

The old Rustic Playland site will go off air around 24 hrs from the post going live.

The old Rustic Woodland site will stay live for another month or as and when this site “The Rustic Workshop” is completed.

All email addresses will stay live.


The Rustic Workshop

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Family holiday

About Us

About The Rustic Workshop

The Rustic Workshop is based in Bridge, Canterbury, Kent in the UK. We supply log cabins, Katepal roofing shingles, GrassProtecta grass protection mesh, and other gardening buildings, Smartedge flexible lawn edging, Hazel hurdles, Willow hurdles, Stable mats and we hand make Rustic Garden furniture.

We offer an optional installation service for our range of Log Cabins and our other products. is part of the Rustic Group – Visit for children’s outdoor play equipment for your garden and commercial play equipment for schools, clubs, hotels and pubs.

Here at The Rustic Workshop we take pride in the quality of our workmanship and service. Our products are supplied to a wide range of customers, both domestic and commercial. Please view the rest of our website for further details on our range of products.

If you require any advice prior to placing your order, please contact Steve Briant on 01227 832910

The Garden

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The garden, the room outside

The Garden

This is part of my garden before I started pulling it apart. I kept the fish pond and the Crab Apple tree in the background but the rest has gone.
We found it all a bit too much to manage with us both working full time.

When we start putting it all back together again I will make various types of Rustic Garden Furniture to go around the garden, some with trellis over the top to carry honeysuckle or a clematis over the top so when seated you can enjoy the scent of the flowers.

I’m looking forward to getting the garden straight again and making a few garden benches to compliment the project