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Enhance Your Garden With Handmade Rustic Garden Furniture

If you want handmade rustic garden furniture that will blend in beautifully with your surroundings, we can help.
Whether you’re looking to add a seat to a quiet corner in the garden or for something the children or grandchildren can play on, we have it here.

You’ll find single wooden garden seats, as well as double and triple wooden garden seats. We can also create bespoke garden seats for you.

And there’s children’s climbing frames and jungle gyms as well. They’re not only lovely to look at but hard-wearing, which makes them ideal for private gardens and commercial play areas.

We also offer rustic Willow or Hazel fencing.

Get Bespoke Garden Furniture
If you’d like us to create bespoke garden furniture for you, we can do that too.

Long-Lasting Sustainable Wood Garden Products
Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will not only last for many years but it is environmentally friendly.
That’s because it’s all made from sustainable wood such as Chestnut and Pine. The Chestnut is cut from local woodland here in Kent and the Pine is bought from Jacksons Fencing and comes with a 25-year guarantee against rot.

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