Gardening On A Shoestring

Shoestring Gardening

Gardening on a shoestring

Gardening on a shoestring

Do You LOVE Gardening?
Interested in Learning New Ways to be Much More Creative
With All Aspects of Caring and Tending to Your Garden?

Let me show you how you can:

Increase the Quality & Fertility of Your Garden Soil

Use Homemade Soil Amendments

Grow Organic Vitamin Rich Vegetables for a Healthier Diet

Learn all aspects of Successfully Growing Tasty Organic Produce

S…T…R…E…T…C…H…  Your Family Budget

This Book is Packed with Cost Saving Methods and Techniques

Protect Your Family’s Health

Stop using Toxic Fertilizers and Pesticides by Making
All-Natural, Affordable, Effective, Homemade Preparations

Save Money on Garden Tools & Gadgets

Become a Conscientious Recycler
We’ll Show You Ways to Repurpose a Multitude of Items for Gardening Use
That Would Normally End Up in Recycling

And finally

DIY Garden Projects

This Book is Crammed Full of Creative and Inventive Ideas
That People of All Ages and Skill Levels Can Do

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